With UB facing tumbling reputation, here is to-do-List for new Boss Prof. Horace


After his installation at the helm of the University of Buea, the new administration must have realize they inherited a university struggling to keep bits name and place in the country and beyond.

The “place to be” as it is fondly called has been one of the most admired universities in the country as they Anglo-Saxon Buea based university is adored at home. But the now famous UB is a shadow of itself as the institution has been hit hard by different scandals.

The latest not least being the allegations that people are possibly buying their way to the university without appropriate qualifications.

Truth be told, UB is has been “calm” in the past months especially before the Anglophone problem.

Ever since now former VC Prof. Nalova inherited the institution, her administration has been rocked by numerous upheavals, with protest from then student union and teachers syndicate almost a weekly reality during her early days, affecting the credibility of the place to be.

But as the iron lady later ruled the university with iron fist, imposing her authority and threatened all those who may differ with her vision of union less university or very weak one with imprisonment, the institution has never really been stable and democratic as it once was.

But as Prof Manga takes charge of the new UB, the expectations are many. A cross sample opinion poll by TeboPost reveals these are the most pressing issues the students expect their new authority to address

  1. Students really want their students union back and functional, student body which fought vigorously and fearlessly to defend the rights of students but was declared outlawed by his predecessor
  2. They want Taxis allowed on campus to shuttle them from location to another as was the case before Nalova took charge.
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3 they want vigorous and transparent investigations into alleged fraud in the system which gives bad guys the opportunity to buy their way through the university thereby hurting its image and rendering their certificates less competitive

  1. Over and above all, like a typical Anglo-Saxon culture, they want guarantees that their rights if peaceful demonstration be observed and UB authorities work hard to ensure their jail friends and lecturer are released from custody


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