Wirba Force: How Wirba rendered 179 fellow parliamentarians obsolete within days


Hon. Joseph wirba is back, that was how the SDF MP from Jakiri announced his impromptu appearance back in the glass house as fellow MPs are taken by surprise as one of theirs is back. The parliament has been in session for weeks and had their full march session without the firebrand MP of the chief opposition party.

While parliament has been doing what they have done for the past 30 years, sitting, listen to ministers and clap bills through for adoption by the head of state, nobody has been interested in the affairs of the rubber stamp parliament but for CRTV and other state funded media organs who cover the activities of the “law makers’.

Wirba’s coming once again turns the nation’s attention to the glass house and indeed  deservedly  so, the only MP who has been bold enough after Ayah Paul’s defiance against the CPDM back in ’08 which generated huge public support for the former Akwaya MP  in the country and he subsequent resignation from the party.

While some few SDF MPs like Mbah Ndam, Fusi, Osih and Mbandzem and others have always stood their grounds to oppose any bill they consider not beneficiary to the people they represent, their opposition has yielded no fruit as their walk out Trump card has been used all too often and has become a usual in the house, yet  the CPDm controlled parliament has made no secret when it comes to using  its obese majority to vote through all government tabled bills in the house even if the government herself later releases the bill in question was flawed and had to send it back with corrections.

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It could be fair to say that no MP both from the ruling party or any other opposition party has been vocal vis a vis the Anglophone problem than Hon. Wirba Joseph. The Jakiri MP has indeed taken the Anglophone problem at heart, as an Anglophone himself along with other 34 MPS from that part of the country, the SDF revolutionist had defied parliamentary protocols, disregard party lines and stunned fellow MPS, stand up against the speaker, bring the government to task and stand with the people. He has demonstrated beyond doubt that he put the people first before party and his actions have made him an instant hero in the country.

His fellow colleagues in the lower house and upper hose have embarrassingly watched with confusion and disbelief how one of theirs could do what none of them could have ever dream of doing, challenging the rules and exercising his constitutional rights as a citizen first then an MP.

 The MP who says he is ready to sacrifice his blood for his people has made a 280 man parliament to a one man show and further exposes his handclapping role of other MPs and further teaches fellow MPS  the role they were supposed to be playing but have refuse to

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  1. Gwa Emmerencia on

    Hon wirba may the God who created heaven and earth guide and protect you because it’s not by your power it’s God who sent you to go and release his people out of slavely and you are covered with the blood of Jesus AMEN

  2. Fotoh Paul Ebong on

    Hon Wirba shocked everyone and the speaker could be heard saying “c’est domage qu’un depute puise parler comme ca”, for them its not normal to say what you think and freely… a surprise to their usual business of handclappers and lies telling to the people with compromises for positioning and financial gains. Here someone who does not need any personal gains speak out freely and boldly – a common attitude to anglo-saxon system opposed to a francophone “Yes” system. Wirba is now the icon of freedom for the Southern Cameroonians.

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