Wirba faces criticism from party bigwigs for “carrying the Anglophone thing on his head”


Amongst the shocking revelations made during his interview with Equinoxe television’s award winning journalist Nfor Hansoon on Sunday at 6:30 PM local time, one of the stand out of them all was Wirba’s disclosure that he has been criticized even within his own party by some in very high position for “carrying the Anglophone thing on my his head”

The sad revelation from the freedom fighter and the celebrity MP who has enjoyed massive support amongst almost all Anglophone Cameroonians and beyond cast doubts over the actual position of the SDF party with respect to this crisis.

While party officials and their National chairman and party founder Ni John Fru Ndi has made it abundantly clear more than once that the party stands for federalism, it is the way the party has handled the struggle that has come under scrutiny.

The chief opposition party has refused to take hard stance since the crisis started, opting for continuous call for the government to negotiate with the people and implement a federal state, a call which so far has fallen on deaf ears.

While party militants and sympathizers continue to call on the opposition party to adopt more radical position such as recalling all MPs and senators from parliament, a move that will force the government to come to the negotiation table, the party has rather opted to be cautious, refusing to listen to the demands of its grassroots supporters and continue to collaborate with the government where they feel they have common grounds.

The Boycott of May 20 this year has so far been the strongest show of support from party of Ni john Fru Ndi. But as one of theirs and member of parliament for Jakirir special constituency decided to take matters in his own hand and acts out of party lines, criticism have started pouring in even within his own party.

While many now looks at the SDF to be part of the problem than solution in this crisis, the trump card the party has is Hon Joseph Wirba remains their only realistic hope, the man many now look up to and still carries  the party flag and name sky high but has made no secret of the fact that he couldn’t careless of party lines when it comes to fighting for hos people, and if the SDF makes the ultimate mistake of invoking their much threaded article 8.2 which has oust many in the past who are seen as a tread to party chair,  against the man many simply consider a national Hero for whatever reasons, that might be the final nail in the coffin of the party.


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