Why you should not be asking this video: search for “Epie Video” absurdly increases on TeboPost website


The viral video which made rounds on different social media platforms involving one Kumba based Epie assaulting a girl in a room is once again gaining undeserved attention. Our technical team has revealed a staggering number of subscribers who desperately search for any clue about the video on our website.

For the past one month, “Epie Video” search has dominated the search rankings on our website and that finding has been shocking to say the very least. The search bar which helps our users easily find information and results obtained help our team know the stories which interests our readers so we bring them more developments has so far presented the team with a staggering results for the past month

But this is why you should not be searching for the Epie video.

The supposed video which as a policy tebopost.com cannot share on its platform is a criminal video of a boy assaulting a girl which is a criminal offence. The management of TeboPost strongly condemned what Epie did and stand firmly with the rights of all women to be fully respected.

Secondly, making the video available will help promote Epie’s course which we consider insulting on the rights of women and even human rights as a whole. We there cannot make this video available and strongly advice readers and subscribers to focus their energy on condemning the video which defiles the sanctity of our mothers, sisters and wives rather than seeking for the explicit content for whatever reasons.

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