What we are doing right: Cameroon takes the lead in gender Parity in the continent


Cameroon as a nation may still be plaque by many problems like any other developing country with poverty still at the center of every political debate in the country, but when it comes to efforts by the Biya government to promote the rights and empowerment of women, they are leaders in the continent.

With a full ministry to carter for the rights and protection of women and a good majority of women in holding to government potions, gender parity in the country is a living testimony and lesson for other countries t copy.

So far close to 30 percent of Women are represented in Parliament, the senate and even the central administration. It is this the policy orientation that seeks to promote the social insertion and development of the women that earned Cameroon the Pan African award for the promotion of Gender Approach in Public service.

The work was won in Morocco following a presentation of Cameroon’s gender approach by the Minister of Women’s Empower and the family. According to statistics from Cameroon Public service, at least 16% of the post of Director or other positions of equivalent portfolio are held by women and 25% are sub directors.

Close to 32% of women in the Public Service hold the office of Service Heads while 34% of their peers are Bureau heads. The statistics which turned out to be one of the most promising on the continent earned Cameroon the award which was presented to the Prime Minister Head of Government, Philemon Yang in Yaounde according to CRTV

The Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Marie Therese Abena Ondoua presented the award to the Head a government and briefed him on criteria that was used to select Cameroon.



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