Cameroon protests: US State department calls for Restraint, Concerns Over Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms


The US sate department has issued a statement with respect to the ongoing strike actions in the English speaking part of Cameroon. The state department says it is deeply concern by the loss of life and properties as injuries as a result of protests which turns violent in Bamenda and Buea, the statement reads in part.

the statement also says “the United States urges the Government of Cameroon to protect and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms, ensure that all voices are heard and respected, and preserve the guarantees enshrined in its constitution and international obligations”

It went ahead saying, “we(US) call on all parties to exercise restraint, refrain from further violence, and engage in dialogue for a peaceful resolution to the current protests” Read Full statement 

The predominantly English speaking part of Cameroon (north-west and Southwest have been gripped with strike actions organised by lawyers and teachers  in what they call marginalisation and assimilation of their  values and systems (legal and educational). The lawyers have been on strike for over two months now while the teachers join them last week Oct 21st. Strike actions however quickly turn violent in Bamenda last week and Buea two days ago after the government led by prime minister failed to reach an agreement in a meeting in Bamenda with representatives of the lawyers and teachers.


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