Unprecedented show of defiance: Ghost town in the entire Anglophone region


The lawyers and teachers did speak and the people indeed listen their loud call as deserted streets, schools and embarrassed government joins a tired population to see north west and south wets totally grounded as businesses, taxis, and motorbikes, join teacher and lawyers to protest what they now called marginalization of Anglophones.It is a point the government never intended it will arrived as calls have been made recently as the state deployed all its resources and man power to try and ensure that schools resume come January 9th in Anglophone Cameroon. DOs, SDOs and other state functionaries joins ministers and so called “elites to make their case for students and pupils to go back to school, but the representatives of lawyers and teachers were clear in their defiance, there will be no school and they even went ahead to make a clarion call; Operation ghost town in this part of the country and indeed it work.

The population who are tired and fed-up with their government heeded the advice of the consortium and stay home in a massive show of defiance that has left the government in panic and shame, making their task even more challenging as the academic year is under threat from blanket ban by UNESCO and dialogue is not yet to even been effectively. With both sides accusing each other of bad faith and reason for the stalemate, the population has already chosen who to believe and as it stands, the teachers and lawyers seem to have been the people’s choice

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Reports says government has release those arrested and detained as one of the preconditions for dialogue but critics say all have not been released, the trade unions have thank the population on their Facebook page for hearing their call and vowed to continue fighting vigorously for them


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