Tumi schools yang on crisis management: “In dialogue one must assume that the other can have the truth that saves”


The revered catholic Christian Wiyghan Cardinal Tumi known and loved for his honest views  about political state of affairs in the country has wayed in the crisis that is troubling Anglophone Cameroon, In an interview with radio Ballafon, one of the most listened FM in the country’s economic hub, Douala, the cardinal emeritus decried perceived lack of will by the yang led government to involve in real and honest dialogue with protesting parties.

He said the Bamenda arch bishop told him about the meeting they had with Pm yang which he says rather than coming to negotiate, he came as an “authority” to tell the protesters what they have to talk about and what they can’t talk about. “And he told me that he thought they were willing to sacrifice all day to thoroughly discuss this problem. The Prime Minister received the leaders of the religious denominations for about thirty minutes. He told me that he said, “This is what we should not do, that’s what we have to do.” It is not dialogue. In dialogue one must assume that the other can have the truth that saves.


We must listen to it and have what I would call intellectual honesty and accept the truth, whatever its origin. Whether it comes from the opposition or people who go on strike, you have to be open. Not coming as an authority, the man of God said. He also decries the fact that the Pm received different the striking groups in factions.

The former archbishop of Douala Garoua says that since 1992 “we have tried to efface what is Anglo-Saxon unconsciously. I repeat, unconsciously, “

“You know very well what happened in 1992. Many Cameroonians are now convinced that the winner of the elections in 1992 was an Anglophone: Fru Ndi. And many are convinced that if Fru Ndi was francophone he would be President of Cameroon at least since 1992. True or false I do not know.” He added.

The cardinal’s stands are in sharp contrast to that of bishops of the Bamenda episcopal conference who had call for teachers to go back to class and give dialogue a chance. The statement however received massive criticism from the public.



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