Trump begins “Thank you tour”


There is no doubt that president-elect Donald trump loves and cherishes the raucous rallies that help propel him to the oval office and he will be getting the opportunity to be in the midst of those rallies again, three weeks after surprise win at the white house in what he calls the “thank your tour”

Launching the tour on social media, the president-elect tweeted “Join me in Cincinnati, Ohio tomorrow evening at 7:00pm. I am grateful for all of your support. THANK YOU! As links of tickets are advertised in promoting the Ohio event.

Visiting on Thursday two Midwestern cities symbolic of his surprising victory,his first stop is Indianapolis, where he intends to claim victory for saving about 1,000 manufacturing jobs at Carrier Corp. The heating and air-conditioning company were a frequent target for Mr Trump on the campaign trail after announcing plans to move jobs.

Trump and aides called the tour a chance for him to thank the voters who put in office, but his critics have accused him of wasting time he would have otherwise put in executing the massive task ahead of him.

David Cohen, a political science professor at the University of Akron who specialises in While House staffing, said he finds it “baffling” he would spend so much time campaigning.

“There’s so much to do when you’ve been elected president,” Cohen said. “There are so many jobs to fill.”

But trump is not the first president elect to embark on “thank you tour” though others have been smaller in size and preparation.  Obama did it in 2009, Bill Clinton in in 1993



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