Tourism and travel competitiveness reports Fails Cameroon again


Annual reports by  Tourism and travel competitive index which surveys 136 countries in the world has ranked Cameroon on the 126th position out of 136th countries most likely to be visited by tourists, making the Central African nation to be one of the least attractive countries in the world for tourists.

Cameroon, fondly referred to as Africa in miniature not only because of its rich cultural diversity but landscape, animals and abundant tourist destinations, has failed to attract tourists over the years. The damming reports which scores Cameroon 2.9 on a scale of 6, failed the nation on most of the aspects evaluated. The country further lagged behind on certain aspects as they occupied 127th spot in international openness, 132 on prioritization of tourism and travel and much more.

With 812000 international tourists arrivals  within one year period, Cameroon only performs better than war torn Mali, Nigeria which has been plaque by Boko haram insurgency, Benin, Burundi, Chad, Lesotho, Congo DRC, Mauritania and Sierra Leone. While neighboring Gabon, West African Ghana and Egypt all performing better than Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Ivory Coast occupies the best four positions in sub-Sahara Africa l according to the reports.

Spain, France and Germany are the three most attractive touristic destinations in the world according to the reports by world economic forum, a Swiss based nonprofit organization which evaluates 14 separate dimensions on their delivery of sustainable economic and societal benefits through the travel and tourism sector.


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