Too sick to Lead? : Opposition calls for Buhari’s resignation


The president of Africa’s most populous nation-Nigeria has over the days faced massive call from the opposition back home to step down from power.

The Nigerian leader who was flown to UK in mid-January for an undisclosed sickness is yet to return home as his initial two weeks sick leave expired and was more time was added by parliament. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is temporarily leading the country and there are mounting pressure from the opposition, calling for the president to step down saying he has been in out of the country for too long.

President Buhari who promised Nigerians to crack down on medical tourism by government officials have seen himself into hot waters as many Nigerians criticize the president for frequent and often long stay abroad himself for medical attention. Details about his health has been sketchy to say the least and rumors have strife in the West African nation as to what is really wrong with the president even as his tries to water down the situation saying there was no “cause to worry”,  many Nigerians are very much worried

But surprisingly, enough, the opposition is not calling for the president to step down for health reasons but rather for staying to long out of the country.

Nigerians are acutely sensitive to leaders travelling abroad for medical reasons after President Umaru Yar’Adua died while in office in 2010.

For months, the public was kept in the dark while he received treatment in Saudi Arabia.

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The period of uncertainty created deep political instability in the country.



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