There is no Anglophone problem-Atanga Nji


The minister of special duties at the presidency of the republic  Paul Atnaga Nji granted an interview  to state broadcaster CRTV where the North west born Nji says there is nothing like an Anglophone problem. Minister Atanga Nji says the boy who led the strike action in Bamenda should turn himself in the nearest police station

Speaking in an authoritative tone, the Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council  struggle to articulate why he thinks the north west and south west people should rather be grateful than complaining  of any marginalisation.

After warning  that the  Anglophone agitators perpetrating acts capable of “threatening national unity” will meet with the unsparing arm of the law, Mr Nji  went ahaed to criticise every single option available for criticism, calling all  the constituent associations of Common Law lawyers such as the Fako Lawyers Association, FAKLA, Meme Lawyers’ Association, MELA and North West Lawyers Association, NOWELA, illegal associations saying  “the Cameroon Bar Association is one”. He went ahead to pounding on teachers for not attending a meeting in Yaoundé aimed at redressing their grievances and urged them to do so with immediate effect. He did not end there, he also said he had incontrovertible proof that some of the striking lawyers had collected huge sums of money from individuals abroad and were being manipulated by same with the attendant goal of destabilising a nation which, he said, “has so ingeniously been put together by President Paul Biya”

Squeezed on some of the things he thinks the government has been doing, the CPDM firebrand talks of the 50th-anniversary celebration of our military in Bamenda, having had a PM who is an Anglophone for the past 25 years,He also cited the fact that Anglophones are heads of three state universities in Cameroon, that Biya spoke English during his visits to Bamenda (during the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces) and Buea (during the 50th anniversary of the reunification) as ample evidence that the Head of State loves and cherishes Anglophones, to lay his case. But as the wordings of the minister were absurd even in his own ears, the nation was watching with dismay how selfish some individual can be and it was no surprise when he drew a firestorm of criticism online just minutes after his interview   many see as an embarrassing PR stunt

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Some Reactions

One Facebook user wrote “if anybody knows Atanga, please pray for God to forgive his sins” Veteran journalist, Boh Hebert in an exclusive statement on Cameroon concord says” This is Minister Paul Atanga Nji doing what he is paid to do: sacrificing his people and everyone in his own family (if needed) at the altar of the god of Etoudi. This is Minister Atanga Nji bringing us back to the future.”

And The national chairman of the main opposition party in Cameroon the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi asked Paul Atanga Nji, Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency, to hand himself over to the Police for making outrageous statements to the effect that there exist no Anglophone problem in the country.


“I feel very sorry for a person like Nji Atanga for the statements he made. When he tells the world that the gentleman who got so angry and marched down the streets should give himself to the Police, let him give himself to the Police first. He said Anglophones have no problems, yes he said that because every trip Mr. Biya makes out of the country he takes him, if he is out for three weeks he will be there sleeping in porch hotels with very good food and all the like. So that’s why he can say that there are no problems because he doesn’t have a problem. His children go to the best schools, he sleeps in best hotels and so how do you think that he can tell you that there is a problem in Bamenda? How often does he come to Bamenda, for how long has he ever stayed in Bamenda.” Fru Ndi questioned shortly after having a meeting with the prime minister in Bamenda


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