The Syrian crisis is pregnant with lessons


What began as a peaceful demonstration with tens of thousands marching in different parts of the Arab Republic of Syria asking for basic reforms suddenly turn out to be the  worst humanitarian disaster after world  war II and the conflict still continues.

With world powers exerting selfish interest on the battlefield and taking on each other in proxy war, the rapid rise and spread of ISIS, the world most brutal terrorist organization, the Syrians and perhaps the world is left stunned in disbelief how this could have happened in the 21st century when western powers have the most advanced technology to combat any adversary.

But the war which is ravaging Syria is part of what many Called the Arab spring which swept the better part of the Middle East, taking out some the region’s strongest and world longest serving leaders as the youthful population wanted to change, leaving some of the countries in disarray.

But the Syrian lesson, however, provides a stack lesson for our country.


When the Syrians took to the streets over four years ago, they simply were demanding their government to carry out basic reforms, such as presidential term limits, fight corruption and create more jobs, but  fearing similar protest in neighboring countries which toppled other head of states, the government responded with machine guns and deployed solders to brutally clear the street, but it turn out to be a dangerous gamble as civilians took arms and had to face their government, this time they were not asking for basic reforms but they were asking the president Bashar Assad to step down. Foreign powers scramble to protect their interest with Russia and US at opposing ends and many see from afar in total disbelief how more than 250,000 Syrians are killed with more than  half the countries over 20 million population displaced both internally and externally causing a terrible humanitarian crisis.

The issue of who is right or wrong as far as the Syrian crisis goes rally depends on which government or analysts you talk to as the world is divided on the matter, but one thing which is certain is that the Syrians and only them alone are the real losers of this senseless conflict driven by power ad only them can resolve their problems. And as lawyers of common law takes to the street to protest and ask for basic reforms such as maintaining and promoting our multicultural diversity which is our strength, creation of federal state to better serve and bring the government closer to the people, basic respect of rights of all and for every citizen of this country to be treated with respect and given equal opportunity to achieve their dreams among others, its time the government takes them seriously as this are the same views millions of Cameroonians hold but are not daring enough to articulate, thy should engage with the general public to know their grievances and settle them so that we can continue to enjoy this peace the government has work so hard to preserve since independence in a turbulent and unstable region of Central Africa.


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