The Scramble to reopen schools: Absentee D.Os suddenly get busy


It is not new that divisional officers in the south west and northwest regions of the country acts in large parts like demi gods, with many barely creating time to stay in their offices, their signatures usually taking days, many have criticized the DOs for lack of office time as many focus on other office duties which fills their wallets.

But as the teachers and lawyers go on indefinite strike and the government gradually running out of options, the absentees Dos suddenly realize that the government needs them so badly; go to the field and ensure you convince teachers and parents to go to school and send their children to school respectively come January 9th.,017. There are reports of how some DOs have ridiculed themselves in different parts of English-speaking Cameroon as they embark on perilous missions to convince parents to send children to school as the government desperately wants school to reopen though the back door” While some DOs go door to door to call people for meetings in an unprecedented show of humility and desperateness  coming from flamboyant  and authoritative officers who sees themselves as gods, the issue at  hand  goes beyond the jurisdiction and clouts of divisional officers

But as strike continues after multiple dialogue with government which is yet to produce any solution between the government and teachers and lawyers, the DOs should rather go back to their offices and carry out other task which they are so much needed and leave school reopening in the hands of concerned ministers and head of state and prime minister of the country. Thanks for their efforts but as they must have noticed, it is no needed

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