The rise and rise of Cameroon’s blogosphere, but what are they blogging?


Online has been such a big thing and Cameroonians are savoring their moments. Many have made heavy paychecks out of blogging with top bloggers around the world living in luxury and fanfare just from blogging about what many will tell you is their passion.

Cameroon’s blogosphere has been timid in its growth for a decades now despite a vibrant blogging community in the world and neighboring countries like Nigeria. But ever since the start of the Anglophone crisis,the trend has been different,  there has been a continuous increase in the number of English blogs in the country

A new blog is born basically every month in that that part of the country and Cameroon’s English bloggers are basking in the political uncertainty that is ravaging the better part of the English speaking Cameroon following the coming of the crisis

But while many have made great strive to promote quality content with credible information that can help the citizens make informed decision and contribute to the growth of the country, many of these blogs have simply been nightmare in terms of their content

Some bloggers have created poorly design blogs with scanty and plagiarized content, punctuated with questionable information and outrages headlines with empty contents just in a bit to get clicks and subsequently make money from their “works”

But as the country gradually goes online and heavily depends there for information during the digital age, Cameroon’s English bloggers have it as a responsibility to blog for the good of the country and ensure they blog professionally for their blogs can make or mar the situation.


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