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  1. The 2016 women AFCON opening ceremony had come and gone and the lionesses rose to their billing by outplaying the Egyptians to go top of group A which also include Zimbabwe and South Africa but it is the choreographic display which was meant to demonstrate the Cameroon map that has caused an outrage amongst Cameroon Ian’s in the English speaking regions of North West and South West regions, accusing the state of “discrimination”as the regions looked cut out from the rest if the country with no body inside while persons filled the other 8 regions   as portrayed on the map.

According to thousands of users who have shared the photo, They say it demonstrates how we are totally cut off from the country  since there are no persons in the region which was supposed to be for South West and North west while there are many persons populated in all the other regions as displayed in the map, and to them,it shows what the state think of them and have been treating them for the past fifty years after independence .

Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji, a journalist with Equinox television, wrote this on his Facebook page

“Was it an Anglophone or Francophone who planned this? Look at how the Northwest and South West have been cut off from other regions and left with no single person in them. Is it coincidence that it comes at the time when former West Cameroon is calling for federated states like before?? The person who did the choreography certainly passed a message that must not be taken for granted.”

Another Facebook user and journalist with CMTV, a Buea-based television station Tah Javis also had this to say on his Facebook page “Is this a chorography or passing on a message this map separate North West and South West from la Republic di Cameroon during the official launching of 2016 WAfcon with no body inside Anglophone side does di signify Separation or boycott hmmmmmmmmm in my own opinion I see a message of division base on this map. And it is coming at a time when Anglophones are calling for equality”

Coming in the backdrop of protests by lawyers and massive sit down strike by teachers and lawyers and other stake holders coke Monday 22st November to protest among other things the marginalization and I’ll treatments given to Anglophone Caneroonains, the timing of the image could not have been more controversial. We could not reach to the organisers for comment by the time we were penning this article but hope to reach out to them  for their comments.


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