The lawyers strike action and why it matters


For the past weeks now, lawyers of the common law have been on strike for among other things, the assimilation of Anglophone education and judicial system, the marginalization of the Anglophones in the country and most importantly creation of a federal state.

The issue of creation of a federal state is one that is not new to the political arena of the country as the main opposition party, the social democratic Front –SDF campaign tirelessly in the 2011 presidential elections, promising  to implement federation if they were to win, as a matter of fact, this country was once a federal republic of Cameroon post-independence  before the independent fathers thought that as brothers separated by colonial masters and a foreign language and culture imposed on us, we are better together than apart and as a result, decided  to unite the country in a referendum many historian and political analysts will say was never supposed to have happened in the first place, since the concept of federation was one of the pillar stone for the reunification and was never supposed to be put to popular vote, again it depends on which historian you talk to as the academicians as well as politicians seem to be divergent on this too.

It can be said without fear or contradiction that although Cameroon  was  one under the German rule and we are Cameroonians before being whether Anglophones or francophone, the fact that we were colonized and made to adopt two different culture  means we have emerge as two Cameroons and as a result a federated state is the best  way forward.

It is no secret that since the  federated government was abolished, the  indigence of north west and south west regions of the now republic of Cameroon have seen increasing marginalization, from all aspects of  society be it economically, enrollment in certain programs and schools, or decision making process of this great nation. They have always been treated like a colonized people, people who are seen as second class to their brothers and sisters of the other side of the bridge and whatever is done to them is a favor not a right as citizen of the country and any form of protest is met with swift and brutal resistance so as to say, this is a lesson for the rest not to dare, I can’t anything worse

Our politicians’ are terribly greedy and wicked, they care about themselves and care less about posterity or good name, they have sold us at a very cheap price and continue to be servants of their masters and people are left with just one word-hope, churches and prophets  have spawned all over the place promising divine interventions  and  vindication from endemic poverty, trademark corruption, “spiritual bondage” and many more while beer parlors are also struggling and competing for space to provide those few who can afford a beer to drink out their sorrows and why not their lives and forget about their problems- at least for a moment. It will not be fair if I don’t emphasize that some of these problems exists across the board but it will also be fair to say they are worst west of the Mungo.

When people who know and understand the law, people who are supposed to protect the common man and fight for his freedoms and basic rights are terribly beaten and manhandled for excising their constitutional rights of peaceful protest, then the problems we thought we have are not even problems as this country is not only sick but it is in the state of comma and this is record low for the government and all those who defend and stand for the truth and basic human rights. The government which initially gave a deaf ear to the cry of its people, have to understand that dialogue and dialogue alone is the only way forward and until all the grievances of these striking lawyers are met among with millions of other Cameroonians in this great country, with or without any public protest, this country will only be a time bomb waiting to detonate.



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