The administration will not continue to tolerate such misbehavior- Embattled governor Okalia Bilai on Friday momentous protest


Following the historic protests which overwhelmed the entire English speaking regions of Cameroon on Friday September 22 2017 leaving more than 3 death, the governors of the two regions of North West and Southwest regions took to state radio in the popular magazine program Cameroon calling this Sunday morning to do damage control and seek to reassure a population which demonstrated in ten thousand ways that they have lost confidence in their administration

The embattled governors maintain the same mantra of maintaining peace and ensuring the effective return of students to school. For a people who had publicly decry marginalization by the francophone majority in the country, the two francophone governors who are increasingly seeing their regions being governed by social media activists certainly knew that their PR stunt at CC will fall on deaf ears as the people see them as part of the very reason they are in the streets

While the North West governor Adolph Lele who has been acclaimed so far for proper managing of the conflict in his region sound defeated and weaken after he saw the population defy his on ban and over run the streets of Bamenda in a show of force, his South west counterpart took his usual style with pomposity and defiance.

He said some “activists have become terrorist” citing incidents of explosions in school in Limbe to buttress his point while advising the parents to ensure their children stay at home or in school before delivering a cautious warning that “the government will not tolerate such misbehavior again”

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But for a crisis many now say is bigger than regional governors and requires the full attention of the father of the nation, president Paul Biya who the head of state has surprisingly snubbed the issue, shifting the responsibilities to government ministers and local administrators to solve an existential crisis which keeps growing in scale and  magnitude

The 11 months old conflict which has left the two regions of the country shattered as schools and economic activities have been hugely disturbed is gradually moving to more dangerous phase as multiple explosions in Bamenda in the past weeks, attacks in schools regions the country crowned with the historic public march in almost all towns and villages of the south and north west regions clearly sends a strong message to Etoudi that time is fast running out



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