Teachers join lawyers to strike as schools look deserted


The planned strike action for teachers of the south west and north west region is well on course e in the English parts of the country. The busy streets of Bamenda Buea during the early hours of the morning was visibly empty and the few students who did make it to school were stranded as schools  had shut their doors.

Reports say 98% of teachers are on strike to protest aginst government marginalization and attempt to assimilate anglophone system of education which was inherited from Britain. Following the announced planned strike actions, the government had held several meetings to try and resolve the problem but with the union, refusal to even send a delegation to the capital citing numerous concerns such as safety concerns,  ,it resort to deploying hundreds of police officers in all major towns of the anglophone extraction of Cameroon. In light of the development, the teacher’s trade union had called all teachers students and pupils to stay home for their own safety and not take to the streets to avoid confrontation with forces of the law who are bent to forcefully suppress any public protest.


The Secretary General of the Cameroon Teacher’s Trade Union, CATTU said they have not called for any street demonstration but for a sit-in strike. He went ahead to say that “If they could brutalize lawyers, what about teachers?” in an interview with a local radio station in Bamenda


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