Teachers complain of unprofitable marking session as GCE board sacrifices hard earn reputation for political gains


Teachers taking part in the controversial GCE examinations for the 2016/17 academic year are complaining about the lack of profit in this year’s marking sessions as many candidates did not take the exams.  One of the teachers who is currently taking part in the exams told TeboPost “it’s an unprofitable marking session with many boxes containing less than 15 scripts” which in a normal circumstance will take more than 300 scripts

The GCE which was politically forced to be organized amidst a backdrop if a “blank academic year” in the two English regions of the country due to striking teachers and lawyers trade unions which quickly turn into a political crisis  unrest has put the integrity of the board in huge doubts.

The head of the board, Dr.  Humphrey Monono had warned that the exams will be organized even if they had just a single candidate as pressure were mounting for the board to  call off the exams in what would have been an international embarrassment for the government.

 But as board authorities decided to sacrifice the organizations reputation to score an political goal on behalf of the state in an organization which was supposed to  be apolitical and fight fiercely to defend its name, the fallout of what many now term a ” political GCE is certainly far from being over.

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