Stunning CAF disclosure says just one thing to Ahmad: Those who lives in glass houses do not throw stones


Ever since the incumbent president of CAF the Malagasy born Ahmad came to power he has been doing all he can so settle old scores with former boss and Cameroon’s born Issa Hayatou rather than work for the good of the game for the continent. The new CAF president has unceremoniously embark on media smearing campaign to steal the country’s rights to host the 2019 AFCON despite having unlawfully and in an unprecedented manner increased the teams from 16 to 24 at very short notice

The country’s leadership has however remains calm, play caution and allows diplomacy to play out as they continue in their efforts to ensure all that the country is ready for the games come June 2019. Government ministers have embark on PR tour to reassure stake holders and Cameroonians that Cameroon will be ready and even the country’s number one sports man President Biya in August 10th personally  added his words assuring that the continents football powerhouse will be ready and he will ‘personally supervised” that happens

Ahmad has been heavily criticizes by Cameroonian media for what ,many see as smearing shameful campaign against the country to settle old political scores with longtime rival Hayatou whom  under his watch took away the hosting rights for under 17 AFCOON in January 2017 from Ahmad’s country Madagascar after the country failed to meet requirements

As tensions continue to rise with Ahmad continuing his unguided rhetoric, saying the country is not even ready to host “four teams” and that if they are not ready their hosting rights will be taken away, news broke out that the company contacted and hired to oversee Cameroon’s readiness for the continental showpiece Price Waterhouse Coppers (PwD) on August 18 resign from carrying out the duties without stating their reasons

CAF subsequently cancelled the planned inspection visit and coincidentally, the seemingly repentant CAF boss pledges his readiness to ensure that the 5 times AFCON champions host the games despite what he terms “media attack against him from Hayatou’s ally”

But as reports now emerge that the prestigious Price Waterhouse Cooppers which is currently battling regulations scandals with UK authorities after being fined Francs CFA 5 billion had to resign from the job because the CAF executives wanted them to ‘work according to their will and validate negative reports” that will deprived the country the rights to host taken according to Edouard MESSOU President of Africa Branch of Price Waterhouse Cooppers , many are struggling to come to terms with this unbelievable new low in terms of corporate corruption and it has become more evident that CAF is at “war” with the continents biggest football nation and pride Africa. Shameful indeed

Apart from Cameroon’s being the star of African football and continents pride, the country’s strongman had led the organization for over 20 years with calmness and level headedness recording abundant achievements with fair play the order of the day

The alleged corrupt CAF executives who have gotten their hands dirty and soiled are now the first to attack a country which remains well on course to host of the best events the continent has ever known despite  all the constraints by the continents body who are supposed to be supportive. Ahmad despite living in a glass house was the first to throw stones against Cameroon forgetting to know that people don’t go to equity with dirty hands, not least when its against a country like Cameroon where impossible is not US


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