Still an ally: US pledges more military support to fight Boko haram despite reports saying otherwise


The US top diplomat in the country, the ambassador has assured the public that the United States remains committed to her responsibilities to help Cameroon through training and logistics support to fight the terrorist sect Boko haram

The statement from the US Ambassador comes after weeks of reports that the country has withdrawn its support from the government following Amnesty’s damming verdict on the soldiers

The right group had accused the Cameroon army of heavy human rights violations which the government official spokesman Issa Chiroma had categorically refused the allegations.

But after the report new Amnesty, news broke out on social media on different blogs saying the US government has stopped supporting the country. He ambassador emphasize that the government his government will continue to support the country in line with state and defense department rules that prohibits the US government from funding a government documented for human rights violations


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