Silent on protest but active on twitter: what has the president been tweeting?


The country and the international community watch in disbelief as the English regions of Cameroon gradually grinds to a standstill economically and socially with schools closed, lawyers out of courts, protests in streets of major towns, lives lost and many injured as protest by lawyers turn violent  and teachers ravages major towns in  north west and southwest regions of Cameroon, a predominantly English regions of the country, the president of the republic is yet to offer a word concerning the ongoing impasse but he has been busy on twitter all through the week. So what has the president been tweeting.

From climate change to reception of the lionesses of Cameroon to regional integration, president Biya desk seem too full with a host of activities that despite his heavy twitter presence, the president could not find out time to express condolences to the souls lost during ongoing protest in just a single tweets. We bring you some of the tweets from the head of state.
President on economy: The nation is willing to welcome companies whose expertise and commitment is acknowledged

On regional integration: Regional integration needs a new impetus to harmonize the technical and economic regulatory frameworks as well as the tax code, in order to ease customs procedures so as to facilitate transport and promote the free flow of goods and services. Without this regional dimension, foreign investors whose projects depend on access to a large marketplace of that scale will reconsider their commitment. Therefore, #Cameroon must be a leader in this regard.
Climate Change; He says there is an urgent need to tackle climate change

Lionesses: The president has been tweeting the whole week about the welcome visits by the female national team, tweeting out the program, the reception and even selfies.


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