Show of star power: AlphaBeter records storm Bomaka parish in a star-studded concert to launch youth activities


They call themselves Boma kingdom and they are very much right and deserves the name “kingdom”

Parishioners of the Bomaka parish under the spiritual guidance of celebrity priest and former Catholic Education secretary Rev Fr Nougi Alex Sob wake up to witness a day like no other in their community.

Their two months old parish priest who comes to the parish with plenty of star power was in full display given reasons why he is so fondly loved and called by admirers as the “wonder boy” as he performed another “wonder” in Bomaka yesterday 4th August 2017.

As part of the activities to launch the holiday’s youth program for the parish, the Rev sought the services of the most celebrated celebrities in the country to grace the opening ceremony. Amidst the massive down pour of rain which has made the roads leading to the parish simply nightmare, the parishioners and indeed the population around Buea could not just stay home, not when you hear you have Mr Leo, Blaise, and Salatiel are in the neighborhood amongst a host of other Buea based and celebrities

With the presence of microphone maestro and guru, CRTVs Njeck sylvanus who is the all time best animator around the region, the star powered event at Boma kingdom gave parishioners memories never to forget.

2012 music star winner Kimbi Emmanuel opened the stage for the night before quickly bowing out of stage to the biggest names in the house in a ceremony that was filled with pomp

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Blaise B took to the stage with his song which shot him to prominence “Eposi” before adding his latest song “font and Back” to his name for the night. The biggest moment’s came when his other two label mates Mr Leo and Salatiel joined him on stage to performed their master piece “quesce qui n’est ps marche” before Salatiel drilled the crowd with this love song “toi et moi” to the adoration about 1000 Christians and fans present

But as the super stars took different turns to shuttle between their different music hit tracks and their trending colabos the population of Bomka was kept in permanent state of ecstasy as they witness close to 45 minutes of unrivaled entertainment from some of Kamer biggest music names. The artists also took out time to share their personal experience with the Christians, encourage them to study hard and follow their dreams as they concluded one of the finest youth activities launch in the history of the Diocese.

The performance which tebopost understand was free and part of their “given back” to the community according to our sources left an indelible marking the minds of all


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