SDF’s Osih sticks within party lines: “I am the last man to stand who wants to see Cameroon partitioned”


In his interview on Cameroon Callings cross view today 20th August 2018, the Vice national chairman of Cameroon’s biggest opposition party and member of parliament Hon Joshua Osih has said he is the last man standing who will want to see Cameroon separated but that does not mean people should not be allowed to express themselves

Joshua Osih went ahead with his traditional damning remarks against the ruling CPDM, accusing the government of abandoning 22 million people home to going for cosmetics solutions abroad.
He frown at the government for wasting tax payers money on foreign missions and says the increase of bank accounts of delegation members is the only benefits to the diplomatic offensive launched by the government recently which was largely met by violent protest with Cameroonians in the diaspora challenging the ministers to

go and release all in prison and start talking from home
Osih’s views sticks in line with his party stance of a federated state in Cameroon to better manage the cultural and linguistic divide in the country


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