SDF to boycott 20 May celebration in a Political déjà vus


The Social Democratic Front, the SDF on May 7th declared the party will not be taking part in the forth coming 20th May celebration in the country. The SDF which is Cameroon’s biggest opposition party made the declaration through an internal circular to all its party hierarchies in the country.

In the two page letter, the chief opposition party leader Ni John decry what he term is government unwillingness to resolve the ongoing Anglophone crisis as the main reason for the boycott. He also added that they will be commemorating their 27th anniversary of their party without any celebration to honour those who have lost their lives and those who remain incarcerated in prison following this crisis.

Bur SDF’s decision is not new and there have been numerous precedence at least as far as boycotts is concern. The party of NI John Fru Ndi is known for staging boycotts at major area of policy differences with the government, staging regular and famous parliamentary walkouts and even threatened not t take part in 2011 presidential election, even though the decision was dramatically overturned and they took part.

Supporters of the governments ruling party a and SDF critics were quick to labelled the party a regional party on social media, with some saying 20th May is the national day which  demonstrates the country’s unity and oneness and the crisis currently going on is a regional crisis

But with many blaming the SDF even their own supporters and sympathizers for not doing enough during this period of crisis, this last minute punch from  Fru Ndi’s camp will do very little to divert their critics who see the main opposition party as part of the problem.

Their aging leader who founded the party has refused to step down and all their parliamentarians have refused call from the people and one of theirs Hon Weirba who is on self imposed exiled to resign from parliament to show support for the struggle and put more pressure on the government to quickly resolve the crisis they party now says they are boycotting 20th may to help solve.

The impact of SDF’s decision to boycott the national day celebration on the state of affairs in the country remains to be seen but very few will be expecting any major impact as the chief opposition party once again deploy one of their most lethal arsenals in their political toolbox-boycott. A weapon they seem to have used all to often in the past with no results


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