SDF MP Hon. Joseph Wirba rubbishes parliament in a show of defiance


The SDF member of parliament for jakiri took  Cameroon’s rubber stamp parliament by storm in a rare show of defiance even by his party standards- the social democratic front known for its regular boycott of parliamentary sessions in protests of one issue or the other. The  daring Joseph Wirba breached all parliamentary protocol as he went on and on with his brutal verbal attack against the government for massive crackdown and “rape ” of peaceful protesters.

“I am angry and incensed, almost at the point of losing my mind, that police tortured, raped and maimed children in Buea. Our ancestors trusted you but you have betrayed them in this union. We (West Cameroonians) will resist,” the MP thundered as anger and pains rocks his facial expression while the house gave mixed reaction with cheers and boos from his colleagues

Hon. Wirba identified himself as West Cameroonian and sends a tsunami of criticism to the Biya’s government and the francophone domination of the anglophone minority in the country.For close to 12 minutes, the SDF firebrand MP calls for separation of the country and says he is ready to sacrifice his life for the course. He talk of administrative officials in english regions behave the same way colonial masters did and are doing so with impunity.

“I told Marafa that the DOs, SDOs and the military act like colonial masters and the forces of occupation. I pleaded with him by saying that the foundation of this country would be shaken to its very roots if nothing was done to stop this unscrupulous behaviour,” he recalled a meeting he had with the then minister of internal affairs now jailed or embezzlement, Marafa Amidou

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he says the west Cameroon is a territory which believes in freedom and going out to demonstrate is a “basic right for them”, reminding the MPs present that there were two cameroons who came together on equal bases. he also recalled an encounter he once had with then minister o0f Justice Amadou Ali  about the francophone marginalisation and says “Sitting with him in his cabinet, I told the Minister that my people have been suffering a lot of injustice for the past 40 years. I told him that if they do not initiate dialogue, the problems will end up breaking Cameroon,” Wirba said and says the minister told him “Mr. Wirba, it is your people (Anglophones) who came to us, meaning the people could be maltreated with impunity concluded then.

The parliamentarian proceed with his blistering attack on the government and when he was notified by the speaker that his time is up, the defiant MP refuse to budge, saying they must hear him and that is the beginning of his protest and rebellion, calling on the speaker to send his gendarmes to beat him like other anglophones if he wishes but says he won’t stop talking till he finishes.

“I am talking about the enslavement of my people and you are talking about time? Mr. Speaker, I will not leave this rostrum until I say my say. By so doing, Mr. Speaker, I am saying that our resistance against injustice begins this minute. You will need the brutal gendarmes that are torturing the people of West Cameroon to remove me from here today” he aired in defiance.

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Mr. Speaker, the reason why I am saying this, is because our people mean nothing to you in this union. How can the brutal torture of human beings that took place in Bamenda and Buea happen in the 21st century?” he continued and went ahead to say that people are shell shocked at his reaction because to him, the french system teaches people to fear the leaders while the english system teach people to respect them.

The visibly enraged Hon Wirba Joseph who recounts that his niece was raped in Buea during the student protest two wek ago, reminded the government about Jefferson’s famous quote by  saying ” when injustice becomes law then resistance becomes a duty” .


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