Sacked for fake news, compensated for bias reporting…, who is in/out in CRTV’s latest shakeup?


State funded corporation CRTV has dismissed the presenter of the fake news about a supposed new Macron’s government weeks after the ugly incident. Adele Mbala who was the 8:30 news presenter and holds the position of TV director after an extra-ordinary session of the Board of CRTV, which was chaired by the Board chairman and Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

Many have commended some of the newly appointed officials in the corporation running in tax payers money with soe social media users attributing the appointment of Kange William Wassaloko as a compensation for his one sided reporting especially in the ongoing Anglophone crisis

Below are the names of other appointees to assume various posts of responsibility at the CRTV, following the board meeting.

Jean Atangana- Director of TV information (was already serving retirement prior to new appointment)
Alain Belibi- Central Radio Director (maintained).
Madeleine Soppi Koto- Director of Radio Editors
Ibrahim Sherif- Central Television Director (maintained).
Jean Atangana- Director of TV Editors
Kange William Wassaloko- Station Manager CRTV South West.
Nalova Mokake – Station Manager CRTV Littoral
Giselle Meniga- Station Manager CRTV Center
Moussa Marandata- Station Manager CRTV Far North
Bertin Ayangma- Station Manager CRTV North
Lazare Filou- Station Manager CRTV Adamawa
Berthe Mballa- Station Manager CRTV South
Kelvin Mbounda- Station Manager CRTV East
René Njoya Mot- Station Manager CRTV West
Marie Louise Gbwa Cheka- Station Manager CRTV North West

CRTV Chief of Stations :

Sidonie Sikoa- Fm94 Yaounde
Leonardo Châtelain- Fm105 Douala
Evelyne Ngo Lambidjek Poala- Fm Mt Cameroun Buea
Mary Lum Azonga- Fm Bafoussam
Fredy Melingui- Fm Kribi
Saïd Abdelkarim-Fm Kousseri
Djamo Haman- Fm Yagoua


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