Putin dums Dems and reaches out to Trump


In his annual press conference in Moscow, the Russian president Vladimir Putin addresses a wide range of local and global issues for over 3 hours 30 mins with over 1400 national and international journalists presents to ask questions to the Russian strongman.

Coming just days after Trump’s team made public a letter  the president elect Donald trump received from the Russian leader whom he has made no secret in the past about his admirations for him, the Russian president wished the president elect “ warmest Christmas” greetings and express hope of renewed corporation between the two nations at the international scene as their relations under Obama has worsen to cold war era with Russia under numerous US sanctions over its behavior in Ukraine and Syria. While reacting the letter from a man many see as America’s biggest enemy, the president elect says the letter was “very Nice” adding that “his thoughts are so correct, I hope both sides are able to live up to these thoughts and we do not have to travel alternate path”

The Russian president ridiculed democrats as US intelligence agencies and democratic party accuses Moscow of hacking in the just ended US election to favor Trump saying “ democrats are losing on every fronts and looking for people to blame everywhere” adding “ they need to learn to lose with dignity”, a satemet Trump was quick to acknowledge and throw his support in a tweet saying

He went on with his attack asking, “The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential election but elections in the senate and congress…, is that also my fault”.


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