Protesters in Bamenda go violent


The heat is on and as expected, the town of Bamenda, the rock belt of opposition  has taken the strike actions by teachers and lawyers to the next level with the population burning tyres in the streets of Bamenda. Despite heavy deployment of forces of law and order by the government to deter the population from taking to the streets especially as the government host the 2016 edition of the women AFCON. City dwellers in Bamenda gathered in different parts of the town but the drama was at the city chemist roundabout where at the two two boys who came with a coffin.

They came with a coffin declaring that they are ready to die as one of them said and he has already prepared his coffin, they called for the movement delegate of the Bamenda city council to step down.The state appointed government delegate, Mr Ndumu Vincent Nji  has been facing massive call to resign before now over what many terms gross incompetence and mismanagement of council resources as the third biggest town of Cameroon terribly looks abandon with poor roads, and dirt littered all across the city.


As schools in the south west and north west regions shut down to protest against the government and people associated with it, the government and state broadcaster have given little coverage of the strike actions but rather preferred to give minute by minute coverage of the 2016 women AFCON which the country currently host

For the past weeks now, lawyers of the common law have been on strike for among other things, the assimilation of Anglophone education and judicial system, the marginalization of the Anglophones in the country and the most important is creation of a federal state.The teachers of nglophone exrtrecation also jopins them today November 21st 2016 for a sit down strike


If any  strike action is ever going to turn violence in Cameroon, then there is only one place where it will likely start and that is Bamenda, the opposition stronghold is the third biggest city in the country but has been largely abandon by the government, to punish them for their loyalty to the opposition party -the SDF. with basically no major industries to employ thousands of educated youths , they have resorted to small business survive and have been sidelined in most major activities in the country which bring massive development end create jobs. despite its position as the 3rd biggest town in the country. The town was exempted from hosting any match of the 2016 or 2019 Nations women and men nations cup respectively to be hosted by the nation.

While the government builds stadia across the country, new hotels, develop roads, electricity, and water system to enhance the nation’s image, Bamenda have been cut out of the largess, with delipidated roads, inhuman hygienic condition as dirts are found littered o every corner of the street and have only seen a promise by the nation’s football federation of a 6000 capacity stadium to be build, a gesture many see as  an insult to a town which is suppose to be on the center stage the host one of the continental showpieces.

One political observer who opted for anonymity told me ” When you enter the town of Bamenda, you do not need to be told that the town and the people are abandon”

There is, therefore, no wonder that the protest which is suppose to be peaceful is gaining steam in Bamenda



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