Power struggle, financial unaccountability, virtual state, Endless GoFundMe campaigns … a peep into the “Virtual world of Ambazonia”


Impossible is not Cameroonian and what else can we see in this nation. The Anglophone crisis has taken its toll on the country with most significant casualty yet being the damage the crisis has done to tens of thousands of student around the two English speaking regions as they missed out an entire academic year. While government has controversially arrested many people including activists who stood up for the movement, the most trending topic at the moment especially on social media is the so called “ambazonia state’

Foreign based activist have succeeded to attract thousands of Cameroonians at home and abroad, taking advantage of their anguish and vacuum created by the government to talk them into believing their Facebook nation is the new sad but sad reality and only hope for them as they flash their leaders, boost of propaganda TV stations based in South Africa and command massive following on social media

Many have   been naively forced to believe that Cameroon will be partition the next morning and independence to  restore to pre-colonial days and they are not shy to  brandish their “state symbols for all to see as their achievements.

But make no mistake, tebopsot.com and this author strongly and heartedly believes in Cameroon as a one and indivisible country while strongly admits existing differences and thinks government is supposed to do more to solve the country existential problems so we all can continue to live happily again

But as the Facebook state of ambazonia continues to relish in delusion and virtual world, struggling to make any meaningful diplomatic or legal wins, we seek to look at what is driven such a treasonous idea. Many groups have surfaced in the name of fighting for the people with all kinds of agenda, from  SCACUF, AGC, MORISC, SCYL, SCAPAC and many more, all battling for legitimacy of their new formed social media nation.

Ben Akih better puts it this way “there is nothing specific that we can call “the struggle”, it is a confused movement. We consider Ambazonians to be a loose group with 1001 leadership directions”.

While financial management has been another source of debate with, members accusing others of lack of accountability and subsequent embezzlement of funds, numerous GoFundme campaigns have been launched by different leaders to fill the pockets of leaders of and “run the so called “struggle”.

Take the leadership struggle, Mr. Ayuk Tabe came out from the conclave to the surprise and disappointment of ambitious ambazonians like Boh Herbert and Cho Ayaba. Having shown himself to have no clear path forward except violence, the means of which they don’t have, Mr Ayuk Tabe is facing leadership competition. The ability of SCACUF to deliver is being questioned and challenged.

While supporters of the extremist ideas continue to brawl to come to terms with the name of the man they were told is their elected president, many are those who have concluded that these are only distractions and hence, there is the need for all to come together to build a democratic, better and prosperous Cameroon were every single citizen fells belonged and can attain   their dreams irrespective of their nation and that start with effective school resumption

While their world is marred by leadership chaos, anti-school campaign and massive unaccountability to border their members and leaders who are as much for long time. It’s time we all realize that we can build a better country one and diverse people and the government must take the lead before we start having reasons to regret in the future


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