Political witch-hunt or Academic forgery: Buea Mayor in a position no one would want to be


For some time now, news has been circulating around the social media concerning the allegedly faked certificates used by the lord mayor of Buea municipality Mr Patrick Ekema. The landlord of the municipality who is fondly called the political Maradona has once again come under scrutiny and indeed for all the wrong reasons and currently sits in one of the most unenviable position anybody will love to be in.

Different sources had pointed out that the confrontational mayor and CPDM firebrand forged his way to the University of Buea after having failed to make the minimum requirements at the GCE advance and Ordinary levels. 

But as the rumors circulated and made rounds in the social media world with many calling for more investigations, the regional human rights chief of the south west Tambe Tiku launched an investigations after which the human rights icon told the press that the Buea strongman is indeed guilty of the charges. He was never supposed to gain admission in the university in the first place.

The population and indeed opponents of the politician have fed fat on the news and it quickly spread round social media like wildfire. According to Mr Tambelk Tiku, “the people have the rights to Know’ as he brandished different GCE released results bearing the mayors name.

The news has sent shock waves across the region as the influential mayor struggles to contain the damage. He is yet to make any official statements but inasmuch as many transcripts of Ekema were released showing his poor failed results, we cannot confirm if he actually he did make it at the end and that results was not made to the public.
Tebopost has contacted the mayor and the board for comments and are yet to get any feedback.
But for a mayor with more political foes than friends, the news about his fake certificates will certainly not die any time soon


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