Paul Atanga Nji speaks again


Cameroon’s embattled minster of special duties at the presidency of the republic has issued a statement calling for resumption of classes by the next week in an unexpected move. The controversial Anglophone minister who received a  thunder storm of criticism in the better part of Anglophone Cameroon for denying the existence of any Anglophone problem, team up with some government big wigs in what they termed elites of the northwest calling for strike to end.

The move which is seen by many as a political posturing to the head of state but void of any substance as the people have lost faith on their “leaders”  whom many think have betrayed them epitomized by CPDM unsuccessful rally in Bamenda which cost the death of two protesters, Minister Atanga was alleged to be one of the militants of the ruling party who was attacked by the protesters for publicly refusing to acknowledge existence of any problem in a shameful move

After detailing what they see as successes  of the past negotiations in the unpopular communique,  the ‘elites” went ahead to condemn violence from all sides in a strange move

“Fervently condemn all forms of violence and social tension that jeopardize the peace and security of our beloved fatherland irrespective of the source”.

The communiqué which is likely to have no impact and certainly a political move by the signatories has already drawn wide spread condemnation on social media with many calling them “traitors’ not “elites”



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