“Pain of the president is the pain of the nation”: President’s family buries beloved


The presidential couple answered present as the mortal remains of 78 years old Mama Paulette Assam Mvondo, wife of the deceased elder brother of President Biya Benoit Mvondo Assam, was laid to rest last Friday, June 23, 2017 at Mvomeka’a in the South Region.

The solem ceremony with according to Cameroon Tribune ws characterized by “a blend of the regal serenity for which the deceased was known, and the benevolent devotedness that had characterised her relationships, both with her family and her community” took place at Mvomeka’a in the Meyomessala Division of the South Region.
During a special mass at the Mvomeka Saint Etienne Chapel, the Archbishop of Sangmelima, Christophe Zoa, speaking with inspiration from the Bible book of Proverbs, Apostle’s Paul letter to the Corinthians and the Gospel of John, said death has assembled the congregation in prayer and support to the deceased family according to the national bilingual daily.

In a condolence message to the Etienne Mvondo clan, the Archbishop of Yaounde, His Lordship Jean Mbarga, highlighted the fact that the impressive crowd of mourners and well-wishers at the funeral, is testimony both to the great appreciation the people had for the deceased, and to the profound depth of the esteem and consideration the nation holds for its leader, President Paul Biya. The prelate said, the “pain of the President is the pain of the nation”. Therefore, the crowd had come, in their capacity of representatives of the various segments of the nation, to demonstrate the strength of the bond and loyalty that exists between the people and their president, especially at such a time of deep sorrow.

Joined by other family members ad VIPSs of well-wishers and mourners the deceased was finally laid to rest at the family’s burial ground at Mvomeka’a


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