Opportunity missed: How “poorly dressed Fusi” failed to learn from fellow party comrade Wirba


Ever since news surfaced that Wirba is in town, the media landscape has been busy as political analysts, observers, journalists and bloggers scramble to make meaning of what brought the Nso warrior back to the country after a brief spell of self-imposed exile.

But as Wirba decided to repeat history in another parliamentary showdown with the house speaker Hon Cavaye over the Anglophone problem just like it he did last year, defying standing orders and indeed the speaker to make his case, attributes which has made him unarguably the most revered law maker in the country, many look up to him like the lone MP against the state.

But as Wirba stole the show in  parliament on the 21st June 2017, his fellow law maker and party comrade Hon Fusi Naamukong also had some news time but in an unenviable position an MP would have love to be in. Hon Fusi was shunned by house speaker Cavaye from taking the rostrum on the basis that he was “poorly dressed”.

The Speaker’s action have generated massive online debate and criticism against the CPDM baron as many say there is no dress code for parliament and moreover,  he was dressing to represent his constituency.Supporters of the seaker say he was right to put order in the house while his critics say he acted out of order. But while Hon. Fusi might have gained nothing but pity from many Cameroonians during a very charged day with Wirba stealing the spotlight and gaining more supporters, Hon Fusi missed the chance he might never have had.

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Many are of the opinion that what the speaker did was an act of discrimination and marginalization in display at the heart of decision making body in the country and as the people’s representative; he should have resisted the humiliation and stood for his rights just like Wirba always does.

The SDF Mp from bafut who wrote a petition to the North West Governor in march decrying what he calls gross violation of the rights of Anglophone citizens. He cites torture, kidnapping, victimisation, persecution and extortion as some of the human rights abuses being perpetrated by the military in the Northwest but has failed to take that protests where it could have mattered most-national assembly

Fusi should have used the opportunity given him on gold platter by the speaker to make his case for the Anglophone marginalization and lecture the speaker and those who care to listen that he was proud of dressing with his traditional regalia and wont bow to individual imposed rule even if it’s the speaker since his fellow MPS claim his dressing was descent enough even though we are yet to see what the opposition MP was wearing then. 

But as the MP from Bafut further embarrassed himself by naively leaving the stage in what his critics say was a demonstration of cowardice in a position where he needed bravery. His actions reveal how badly our representatives have been in parliament and no wonder nothing happens in so many constituencies because the people’s representatives cannot even defend themselves in the house even when they are right. How then so they defend the people.

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Our MPs must learn from Wirba if they intend to have their name in the better chapters of history of this country.


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