Opinion: We must beat back fear stop promoting obliteration and do the right thing


The phenomenon is fast becoming normal as a group of unknown men have deiced to go on burning spree around the English speaking regions of Cameroon in a bit to impose their agenda.

Schools that were built for the large parts by parents who desperately wanted their children to acquire education despite government pitfalls keeps going down one after the other in an unprecedented fashion

Weeks after weeks, we see unbelievable and shocking images of government, mission and lay private schools being ravaged by fire for the sole purpose to instill fear in the minds of people are stop them from going to school come 2017/18 academic year

“Impossible n’est cameroonais” is a famous Cameroonian phrase and then phrase could not have been truer. While everybody in the world seem to agree that one of the most effective way to cut poverty,improve living standards, erase poverty reduce terrorism which keeps taking so many innocent lives is to educate our children with countless NGOs alongside the UN to support that Course, some activists in and around Cameroon carry themselves around with the shameful and dishonored title of “anti-back to school activist” , what a world.

How one can one  begin to imagine a group of people will want to stop school simply to achieve a political goal is still unbelievable but the actions on the field sadly presents all of us with the stack reality of the unthinkable

There are genuine grievances between the people and their government which both side have all agreed that they do exists and have taken different measures to solve them over time even if the approaches might not gain support or admiration on the other side of the political divide, but putting the life of so many people at risk with out proper and most importantly timely education is even a bigger risk we cannot afford to bear.

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As bloggers and Cameroonians wake up every day with the trending captions on blogs and newspaper of burnt schools or those in flames being brandished on their timelines news walls or papers in the different stands across the country, we might want to rethink our strategy to prevent our properties and infrastructure being completely wipe-out by deceased from promoting images of burnt schools on our blogs and timelines to give those who are certainly on the wrong side of history credits of such barbaric acts. We must all condemned as one man each time we hear the sad and broken news of a school being burnt for education should  not b sacrificed at no cost

At this all important moment, we cannot afford to be seen in any way as being in line with people who differ with what is right and just- the right to go back to school.



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