Opinion: The three days ghost town shows you are not in mind when they make “their” decisions


Many have been pouring out their anger in the neighborhoods and around the different town and villages in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon following the imposition of three days ghost towns by foreign based activists who are advocating for the separation of the country

The decision which dramatically increase the ghost town days from once a week to three for whatever reasons with many citizens being forced to respect it or face consequences by unknown men of the underworld has left many Cameroonians struggling to survive

Why Three days:                                                                                               

Many are those who have argued that they could have put up with a single day ghost town to pressure the government to easily resolve the crisis even though the state has taken so many measures to resolve the dispute.

Denizens of this part of the country however have continuously frowned at the three days ghost town which is crippling many businesses and forcing many Cameroonians out of jobs and business, plunging the regions into state of economiccrisis

But proponents of the ghost town argue that, the three days is necessary to put further pressure on the state to easily give in to their demands, taking the just release  detainees by presidential clemency as evident of a government in panic mode

What happens next?

Following the near ineffective start of schools in this part of the country this academic year, many in this part of the country which heavily depends on schools for their economy have been struggling to understand what the future holds

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The President of the republic has responded to one of the  major demands by the activists by releasing those incarcerated even though his critics says every single person involved must be released.

There is no evidence to suggest even if all the prisoners are released there will be speedy return to normalcy. The political   elites and citizens at large are in a state of unprecedented political quagmire as the country experiences an existential crisis which has never be seen before in the long history of the country.

But as the nation rallies behind single voice call for restoration of internet services when they were unfairly seized in this part of the country by the government in a desperate move to mitigate the political crisis, the voice for the ending of the force imposed ghost towns is also getting louder and bigger as many are tired and want their lives return to normal again


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