Opinion: Team B or Not, Hugo Broos must understand respecting the flag is paramount


After the crushing 4: 0 defeat in the hands of Colombian national side yesterday Wednesday 13th June 2017, supporters of the national football team and reigning African Champions took to social media, surprisingly enough, not to pour distain against their home boys and the head coach but they give him their support.

Fans of the African kings were very clear, the humiliating defeat in the Spanish city of Getafe yesterday was largely due to the fact that, the coach had opted to use the team B, even though the qualities of players at the Colombian side could have inflicted similar casualty or even more on a better day to any team.

No matter the reason for the embarrassing defeat from a team which has lost its last three matches, in football these days all games matter and if they don’t matter don’t play. Cameroon is a country where football is next to a religion and a better part of the over 22 million Cameroonians take their national football team as a personal property and the Belgian must have understood that by now.

Cameroon is one of the greatest football names in the world and arguably the biggest football name in the continent-Africa and any match which involves the national football team has wide ranging ramifications. An embarrassing defeat in the hands of Colombia, an old time rival of the indomitable lions is one thing that many fans will not overlook more than once even despite being reigning African champions who is just four months old.

Winning or losing a football game goes beyond the scramble for a better FIFA classification as the name and flag of the country is a stake, and when Cameroonians watch their TV sets with such scoreboard on the screen, no matter your achievement, you might not be palatable for long.


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