Opinion: Is the much threaded SDF article 8.2 hammer hovering over Wirba’s head?


Ever since the celebrity MP and SDF firebrand Hon. Joseph Wirba of Jakiri special constituency decided to return from self-imposed exile and took parliament by storm, social media, print and other news sources have been buzzing with the news of the warrior of Nso as a  the sheriff has come to town again.

But amidst the media hype with political observers and commentators struggling to understand the force behind the SDF’s strongman, his interview on Equinoxe TV on Sunday with award winning journalist Nfor Hanson gave his followers and critics insight into what is now term the Wirba force.

Amongst the staggering revelations made by the defiant MP, one lesson we gathered was his seemingly fractured relationship with the national chairman and founder of his party Ni john Fru Ndi. Squeezed by Harison about his relationship with the party scribe, Wirba could only be certain of what he feels about his boss ad not the other way round, saying “ I give him all the respect and honor… he deserves as my boss” before adding that he cannot speak on behalf of the landlord of Ntarinkong.

He however added that, “you must not love people before you work with them in politics” concluding by saying, the only people you must love before you are with them are your “family members”. But as the much revered MP who is simply adored and adored by his supporters made no secret to the fact that he doesn’t care if his own party expels him saying “When you see a man ready to sacrifice his blood for his people, go to jail and die… what about being expelled from the party, many are now wondering if there is no love lost between the two and if Wirba can sail safely to the end without his party backing.

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The chief opposition party , the social democratic Front SDF has been at the forefront of Cameroon’s democracy ever since its inception in ‘90s but one of the most controversial  internal laws of the party has been at the center of almost all SDF’s problems has been  the much threaded article 8.2.

The law which critics says gives the national chairman  extremely wide powers and allow him much needed space to dismiss potential rivals within the party has been responsible for the fall of  party greats like former party SG Asonganyi, Barrister Ben Muna, kah walla and the list goes on.

Article 8.2 has been invoked whenever a member is considered to have undertaken activities which are deemed opposing to the party and disrespectful to the national chairman and no matter how influential those members might have been, the sledge hammer hasn’t failed to strike them out of SDF circles.

And as Wirba continues to defile all odds, putting both government, supporters  and  his own party officials on the edge with news that some party bigwigs are already criticizing one of their own for allegedly “ carrying the Anglophone thing on his head’ we hope the hammer of much threaded article 8.2 will not visit Wirba in the months ahead.

Our sources tell of a working relationship between Wirba and his boss and  the party is generally not alarmed with Wirba’s stance and with the level of support enjoyed by the MP, even though the party has not officially and publicly endorsed Wirba’s parliamentary exploits party big name certainly knows that Wirba is a massive asset for the party today and kicking him out for whatever reasons will amount to suicide on the part of the part especially at this crucial


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