Opinion: If the diaspora forum is not talking anglophone crisis, then they are saying nothing


The first ever edition of Forum for Diaspora FODIAS is currently taking place amidst call by the prime minister and head of government for the participants to come and contribute to make the country an emerging one by 2035.

But as the diaspora forum takes shape with partcpans across the globe including many who are now seen by the government and Cameroon law as foreigners for obtaining different nationality of other countries, the government wants to build the country with the same people they disown with the controversial dual nationality law.

Taking place amidst the anglophone crisis which has rock the two English regions of the country for over 7 months now, leaving children out of schools, lawyers out of courts and many Cameroonians jobless in a country where getting a job is for selected few, the participants of the forum should have only one thing in mind, Anglophone crisis.

The crisis which is threatening the fundamental structure of the state of Cameroon and hugely led by the diaspora is the single big existential crisis facing Cameroon as a nation ever since independence and yet many are making light of the situation.

If the Participants of the forum from the across the globe, most of whom they government seem to have sudely realized their importance are not talking about the existential crisis facing their fatherland, then any talk of potential investment and development of a country in crisis is a myth and a tool in the hands of selected few who desperately wishes to prove to the world that all is well in a country where over 20 million people ae feeling the pinch of what it means when all is not well

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Photo credit: Cameroon Tribune


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