Opinion: government is using 18 century methods to solve 21st century problems; the debate is now online


Ever since the start of the crisis dubbed “the Anglophone crisis” in November last year, the government had taken different measures to solve the problem which has now been sadly hijacked by seccionist who never started the strike actions. The  effectiveness of measures taken by the state  and whether it was worthwhile is a  debate for another day but one central theme has remain in this whole debate which many seen to have forgotten and that is the social media influence

When the government naively responded in the early months of the year by seizing internet services from the two English regions in a bit to water down growing tensions, they certainly congratulated themselves for probably evading a what was then a looming calamity but  after mounting pressure from international body, they did restore internet services back  and rightfully so.

But as the crisis shows no sign of slowing down with proponents of both sides actively busy touting and pushing  their ideas for the citizens to buy, the government is obviously losing and heavily in this modern information age of social media

While we still have a government which still believes in sending delegations abroad with heavy financial burden on tax payers to go explain to people who have opted not to discuss with the government, the wave of protest which trailed government ministers certainly should have send a clear signal to the government that they are losing this fight and need a rethink of strategy and fast too.

anglophone crisis and Social media age

The debate about the ongoing crisis has shifted from story buildings within ministries in Yaoundé, glass house or other administrative structures around the country to the social media world. This is where all is won and lost and the state must understand and face this new reality.

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While young and mostly foreign based activist with different and diverse agenda have exploited the use of social media to drum home their message of ‘resistance’ to those who care to listen and most importantly their growing number of followers, the government has sadly preferred to really on elites who had long lost grip of the people, seen by many as part of the problems and are out of touch with realities on the ground to dialogue and there results are clear for all to see

The debate about back to school is on and ravaging, while majority of the parents though silent wants their kids to return to school for all the right reasons and correctly so, the state needs to do more, engage the people online and convince them through the platform they believe and listens to that their kids will be safe and sound in school come this academic year

The state must make use of young and IT gurus who can tell the people the right thing, counter extremist ideas and drive home the reasons of why we should not be debating back to school and the structure of our state in this time when the world is struggling to come together and every one agres education is the key and future.

Tebopost statistics  have proven that most Cameroonians are still very naïve when it comes to the use of social media, many tend to believe the information obtained from their Facebook feeds without bordering to verify the veracity of those information, enabling the rise and rise of fake news, reasons why the secessionists have sadly exploit these gap and government inaction to counter and outmatch them in their own game to sowed the spirits of divisions, anger and fear in the minds of the peace loving people f Cameroon and North west and South west.

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Until the government starts changing the approach its handling its information campaign during this delicate crisis, they will always be an after thoughts in the minds of many in this social media world


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