Opinion: Burning of the national flag is an attack against all Cameroonians


The population of this nation are still coming to terms with protests which trailed government ministers as they embark on world tour to engage Cameroonians in the diaspora for dialogue. Images of massive protests and condemnation from Belgium to South Africa shows a how enraged the people are with their leaders back home

But what happened in Canada where activists took a step further to burn down the flag of the country is not only regretful but an attack against the state of Cameroon and its people and have drawn outright condemnation and deservingly so

The national flag is the emblem of the state and the representative of all Cameroonians irrespective of their political divide. Many at home have joined the call the disavow those who engage in burning of national symbols especially the flag as see it as a direct attack against the state of Cameroon

“The fact that they went up and collected the flag on the diplomatic ground and burnt it is not only dishonorable to those who were seeing it but also to the Country Canada” Barrister Fru John Nsoh, member of Cameroons bar association is quoted as saying

While the country still continues to be marred by political problems which are threatening the betray foundations of the state, both sides of the ongoing conflict seem to be directing the blame at the other for the prolong conflicts

But irrespective of our political divide and affiliations, an attack on Cameroonian flag is an act that should be decried by all as it is an attack against Cameroonians


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