Observe 3 Days weekly ghost town and still pay your “citizen levy”: Tassang embarrassingly goes begging for money again to fund burning of schools


Former number two of the outlaw consortium of Anglophones, run away Tassang who has taken up residence abroad ever since the crisis entered another stage has made fundraising top of his priority for all the wrong reasons.

The former head of the teachers trade union who was once revered at home in the early days of the crisis for standing up to the government has ever since shifted to secessionist stance and has been active on social media along others

But as Tassang rolls to the other side of the political divide and chooses the wrong side of history, his onetime allies and associates Barrister Agbor Bala and Dr Neba disown him as the two men who once shared power in the onetime influential consortium with Tasang reiterates their stance for  federated Cameroon not divided one which Tassang currently propagates

Tassang’s latest online plea on different social media platforms for funds from the people to pay what he and some others abroad term “citizens levy” to help “run the movement” has been a unblemished depiction of an arrogant and confused struggle propagated by the drive of nothing but individualistic gains and love for power

After Tassang and co publicly campaign and even paid thugs from their hideouts abroad to go burning down shops, schools and other properties of persons who they claim have “violated ghost towns”, causing panic and economic crisis in the two regions they now claim to be the territory they want to collect levy from, many now understand how callous some of these so called “freedom fighters” might be

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Where will the money come from?

With Cameroonians in this part of the country being forced to work for just two days out of the normal 5 that many work in the world and still remains poor, its unconceivable to believe that they are still required to squeeze out “citizen levy” to fund a senseless struggle which continues continue to frustrates Cameroonians children as they largely remains out of school for the second year running

But as Tassang and Co demands from the people to stay home and observe ghost towns, keep children at home by closing all schools in a region which strives because of its quality education, the former CATTUC boss and his allies keeps flying around the world, lives in luxury, sends their children in the best schools while they claim “we” all are sacrificing.

What has the other money been used for

Numerous Go Fund me campaigns have been launched with no accountability to the people. If at all we do know anything, it’s the the fact that the money collected by Tassang and his cohorts have been used to enrich themselves, pay misinformed Cameroonins to burn down schools and other buildings to threaten the public and inculcate fear so that they can continue making more money in the name of a winning struggle

The Biya led government has failed Cameroonians in the past no doubts and continue to do so as they look helpless in the face of burning spree across the regions with no one being held to account for those heinous crimes against the people and the state.

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But as yet another financial campaign is embarrassingly launched to collect money from the same people they are expected to work for only two days a week hence, 8 days a month, paying for Tassang’s citizen levy is nothing but paying for the burning of our properties and ,most importantly our schools



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