Now that school will resume on September 4th 2017


It’s been months of an undeserving debate over whether school should resume come 2017/18 academic year in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. Different politicians,  activist and concerned Cameroonians of all works of life have not been shy to make their voices heard either as proponents for effective back to school or against it and the debates have been loud or clear

But amidst the raging debate, different actors irrespective of the ideological divide have all agreed one thing, school is a good thing and necessary for the future of young Cameroonians though how to achieve that has been a source of debate ever since. But despite the divergence of your ideas, general opinion holds that children and students including their parents all have one consensus, school must go on come September 4th and the future of children cannot be used for political course

And as the schools from primary to university battle to win back lost students who had embark on an unprecedented educational migration to less envied academic destinations of littoral and Centre regions of the country in search of precious knowledge, we must all keep in mind that the very core issues which has divided our country are yet unresolved

but as we all agree for effective back to schools irrespective of the political odds, our leaders and as well as Cameroonians of good faith must be ready to sit on the negotiating tabele and engage in effective dialogue with all concerned parties for the growth and peaceful future of the country


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