Not surprising? British Queen Elizabeth snubs Ayuk Tabe as the “amba” firebrand scores another diplomatic slap


Reports from the United Kingdom says the chairman of the so called Southern Cameroon Ambazonian consortium, Ayuk Tabe was denied an audience by the Queen of England.

The foreign based Cameroonian business magnet  who has been heading the secessionist movement abroad has in the past months embark on a diplomatic offensive that has seen him toured many countries around the world in a bit to drum up support for the “struggle” with little or no success though.

But despite the defiant and seemingly aggressive diplomatic push by the Julius Tabe et all, cumulating in the launching of a satellite channel based in South Africa, the so called governing council has failed to record any meaningful diplomatic victory this far as the international community largely holds the opinion that Cameroon is one and indivisible country as reiterated by the government.

Tabe’s plans to meet the Queen of England would have been his highest diplomatic victory so far as the much talk about chairperson has been meeting very low level city and town officials in different countries to tell them about his message

But on the 8th of August, he was informed that there is no possibility to range a meeting with him and the queen and no reason was given.

But many including political observers would not be surprised by the Queens decision not to meet the little known and  unpopular “Sesekou” as the meeting could have sent wrong signals to the world , and depicting   Britain to be propagating the disintegration of a sovereign  state of Cameroon despite having been the colonial master at the center of the political embryo


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