Ni John Fru Ndi booed in Bamenda: Changing times?


The leader of the main opposition party – the social democratic front receive a surprise and shocking reception from Bamenda his stronghold as crowds booed the opposition leader as he drove past the city chemist roundabout yesterday 5pm. The chief opposition leader who has enjoyed massive support from the northwest region and Bamenda has voiced his support for the ongoing strike actions and his party also campaign tirelessly to have Cameroon return to a federation. His MPs until recently, also distanced themselves from the resolutions arrived in Yaoundé between striking lawyers and members of parliament from the ruling party the CPDM

Analysis: Declining popularity:

Many over the years have become frustrated with the way the party has been managed over the past decades, with many in-house fighting ad power struggle rocking the party, the national chairman has remain firm and continue to lead the party despite call for him to step down from the party he founded and have lead for more than 20 years.

Most importantly, some see him as a traitor to the people and accused him of dining with the very people he was supposed to be fighting to dethrone and forgetting about the course of “liberating the Anglophones”. The former bookseller has amassed plenty of wealth over the years as he sail through the political river of Cameroon leaving many to accused him of colluding with the government to enrich himself and family to the disadvantaged of Cameroonians who had loved and saw him as the pinnacle of change and freedom, the only man who can help bring down the regime of president Paul Biya

One observer and protester in the town of Bamenda Mr. Fabian Vshiguo told that “

“the worst thing that can ever happen to a people is a betrayal… let ears hear and mouths read…The leading opposition party leader Ni John Fru Ndi was vehemently refused to be listened to as he drove passed liberty square (city chemist) at 5pm on day1 strike.”

Fru Ndi who have always enjoyed unconditional support in Bamenda is certainly coming to terms with the fact that we are in changing times, he was so popular in northwest that he could basically shoot someone in the streets of Bamenda and still receives the backing of most inhabitants of the town, his voice was mostly regarded as the voice of God with many cheerfully listening and implementing every word he says each time he comes out to address the crowd, leaving some to call him “the president of Bamenda”

But as the strike continues, and protesters telling their once beloved and darling leader they don’t want to listen to him and ask him to leave one thing we can learn is that Cameroon society is becoming more polarized and the ideas and concepts many have nurtured are fast changing with many mostly the youths now being distrustful of their political leaders and as one protester in Bamenda shouted in the crowd ‘We only want to listen to the voice of God”. There is a dire need of leadership in the country.


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