National security: Government disciplinary hammer hovers over unauthorized churches-sources


The meeting with regional governors and their boss minister of territorial administration and decentralization had come and gone. For three days starting July 27- 27th, the regional administrative bosses discuss the state of their respective regions while taking minister’s instruction from the state on the way forward

But with the prevailing insecurity in the country especially with the terrorist sect Boko haram in the northern part of the country causing headache for the administrators and threats to innocent citizens, security was priority on the discussion table

The governors and other state officials talked of the social unrest still ongoing in the two Anglophone regions and the negative impact of social media especially in the wake of this crisis.

It was also revealed that, the government is concerned over the proliferation of unauthorized churches on different parts of the country, actions which helps to promote insecurity and hampers security of citizens within different localities.

The director of financial and material resources in the ministry of territorial Administration made it clear in an interview with CRTV’s Cameroon calling, said the minister has given full instructions to all ten regional governors to take an inventory of those churches for onward transmission to Yaoundé where they will be forwarded to the presidency of the republic which is the only office with the powers to shut down those churches.

The Director emphasize that this will be necessary to avoid shutting down churches arbitrary in different parts of the country

As the nation embarks on security campaign to keep Cameroonian safe and sound including their properties, it’s obvious that the government is taking all necessary options to keep Cameroonians safe.


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