Musonge Abandons hand-clapping role in senate to unifying the people many of whom see him as part of the problem


Mafanyi Musonge has resign from his position  as senator of the republic to focus on his new role as head of the what is now known as the Musonge committee.

The nation’s state broadcaster confirmed the news on its twitter feed on July 4th saying Musonge quits senate to concentrate on his role in bilingualism committee

The 74 years old who was head of the ruling CPDM parliamentary group in the senate also doubles the function of Grand chancellor. But amidst calls and heavy expectations from the population and their boss the head of state on the success of the committee which was created as a solution to the long lasting Anglophone problem, Musonge resignations from the senate has rather brought the CPDM strongman on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons

His role in the handclapping senate of the country which like the lower house is heavily dominated by the ruling party of which he is a staunch member, has been in focus. Many Cameroonians have seen the senate as an irrelevant institution which consumes tax payer’s money as they have refused to look beyond party interest and have been strongly influenced by the ruling government.

As one of the 10 south west senators, Mafanyi’s senatorial resume is anything but impressive as he alongside many others there have failed to stand up to the government and defend laws which prioritize his constituency and as he leaves the legislative chambers to take a more challenging task of unifying the country which many see him as part of the problem, Cameroonians can only wait and hope from help from above 

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