Mounting health problems: Nigeria’s ailing Buhari advised to take medical leave immediately


Ever since the president of Africa’s most populous nation return from two months stays in Britain for medical attention, there has been heavy media scrutiny over his ailing health. President Buhari whose long stayed in UK sparked outcry at home look frail and weak when he return home in March  and had said he will need more rest and health tests, his medical condition has not been disclosed.

 There have been reports of the president not working full time ever since he returned home in March  with sources from Asso rock saying the president keys in at most just 3 hours of work daily and its affecting the economy which is already in bad shape.

In a letter titled “President Buhari should take medical leave immediately”, a group of political activists noted his absence from the last two weekly cabinet meetings and speculation about his ability to run Africa’s most populous nation and biggest economy.

“We are compelled to advise him to heed the advice of his personal physicians by taking a rest to attend to his health without any further delay,” they said in the letter dated May 1.

The letter was signed by 13 civil society leaders including human rights lawyer Femi Falana and Jibrin Ibrahim, an academic at a think-tank based in the capital Abuja.

Femi Adesina, one of Buhari’s spokesmen, declined to comment on the letter. Garba Shehu, another presidency spokesman, last week said Buhari received daily briefings on activities of government and met his vice president regularly.

He also said Buhari was spending most of his time in his private residence, which is equipped as an office, adding that he had gone through the worst period of his recovery in



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