Monday ghost town observed across the Anglophone regions but till when?


Today May 22nd has witnessed yet another ghost towns in the entire towns and villages in English speaking Cameroon as activists continue to use this to send the message to the government about the ongoing crisis in the two regions, but after over 5 months of continuous one day a week ghost towns, is the message really creating the desired impact.

Economic operators and small business owners in major towns are crying how their businesses are taking a nose dive due to the numerous ghost towns in those parts of the country. The crisis has created a social problem of poverty and many are wondering what the future holds.

The ghost towns which are largely observed by all businesses including banks and major telecom companies who fear attacks from unknown bandits  tells how damaging this is having on the economy and critics say this is rather a punitive measure on the people than sending a message to the powers that be.

But as online activists continue to call for ghost towns every week and on major days of celebrations, many are beginning to worried how long this will go. Taxi drivers in the town of Buea had already abandoned the course, beat fear and are work effectively all through the week.

If the intention is to send  a message to the government, then in either case the government has already heard or it is having no impact  and businesses should be allowed to operate in full capacity to continue keeping people employed and the economy running before yet another economic problem is created.


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